ProJoba He's Complete - Pack

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$159.95 W/S

Support men’s health with products that deliver the benefits of pollen in unique proprietary blends. Projoba’s He’s Complete Pack includes formulas that provide complete foundation nutrition to support men’s health.

Prostat™ (60 Tablets)
(3) Pollen Burst™ Tabs (60 Tablets)
Pollen Burst™ Plus – Daily Liver Formula (60 Tablets)
Probacillus Plus™ (60 Tablets)

SKU : PJ620

Who’s it for: Any man looking to support their health with all-natural formulas rich in antioxidants.

What it does: Provides nutrition to support many aspects of men’s health.

What’s included:
Prostat™ is a naturopathic product containing two scientifically proven, hypoallergenic flower pollen extracts. Formulated especially for men, Prostat helps the body improve urine flow naturally. Prostat supports vitality and endurance and helps the body achieve and maintain a normal and healthy prostate.

Pollen Burst™ Tabs (formerly ProJoba Polbax) contains natural organic hypoallergenic nutrient extracts from pure flower pollen. Pollen Burst Tabs promote natural energy (SOD) and endurance without caffeine. Recognized as a potent antioxidant Pollen Burst Tabs promote greater health enhance athletic performance and provide nutritional support required by the body to help deal with stress.

Pollen Burst™ Plus - Daily Liver Formula (formerly ProJoba Hepol) is a proprietary blend of extracts from organically-grown pollen specifically formulated to promote healthy liver function, including two powerful antioxidants; Glutathione TH and Aloe Vera. Unhealthy diets, environmental toxins, aging and other factors can affect liver function and the body natural ability to detoxify.*

Probacillus Plus™ is a blend of natural essential strains of bacilli specifically formulated to support natural intestinal balance. These bacilli, 4.0 billion strong, help strengthen your intestinal flora, which are so often compromised by unhealthy bacterial growth. Probacillus Plus™ naturally promotes healthy digestion and regularity.

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